Dynafit Chugach Ski Wins Two Awards at Outdoor Retail Show

Hello universe!

 I just returned from Salt Lake City, where I was attending the Outdoor Retail show, hanging out with the folks at Dynafit as we presented two new skis to the world that we have been developing together since last winter. The wider of the two, the Hokkaido attracted some media attention and new product buzz, but nothing in comparison to the skinnier model, the Chugach, which brought home two awards. The first came from the Gear Institute, which awarded the ski Best New Gear in show, and the second came from Outside Magazine, which awarded the ski Best In Show (for the category.)

Fittingly, although I had almost nothing to do with the naming of the ski, the Chugach is named after my home mountain range in south central Alaska. It is a 108 underfoot charger, made to be versatile, quick, and intuitive to control.


European Family Time

This fall I got the chance to go over to Europe for almost a month with my girlfriend, Meredith and her family just for the sake of seeing the sights and going places that we'd never been. Not knowing what to expect I packed as little as possible, then threw in an extra coat, a nice camera, put on my shoes and went. We had a great time, drank a lot of great beer, and learned much more than I ever expected that I would about central European history and culture. Down below is a photo gallery that I put together of some of the pretty sights and cool unique things that I snapped some pictures of.

From the Road

Last spring I went to the mountains near Valdez, Alaska with some of my new teammates and friends at Dynafit to try out some new skis, and to get after some really big mountains human power style.

Here is the trailer, keep an eye out for the full length free download coming soon!

Sheep Bridge Album, Treefort Music Fest

Hey Peoples! My band, the Sheep Bridge Jumpers, just finished recording an album, and did some hand printing and burning of the discs last night to get them ready for Treefort Music festival this weekend in Boise. If you happen to be down there, or near enough to get there come on by and see us at Pengilly's Saloon (513 W Main) at 6pm Saturday. See you there!

Here is the music:

And here's what it looks like:

Powder Video Awards!

Hey world! About a week and a half ago I went down to Salt Lake for the Powder Video Awards, essentially the oscars of the ski film world, where Valhalla was nominated for four awards. It was a beautiful night, well put together and produced, with a cast of just about the best people all jammed into one room that I could have imagined. The weekend started off skiing a little bit of fresh snow at Alta with some great people, then right downtown for the awards, which were held at the Depot. The VIP pre party in the bar on the side of the venue was total and absolute madness, which is to be expected when you get a big group of excited skiers together into one room and give them a bunch of free booze. Next up was the main event. Everyone piled into the main room, and the rest of the ticket holders were let in through the front door. If you would like to see details on exactly who won what check it out on powdermag.com/powder-awards/

The detail that I'm getting to, and probably why you're reading this far is Valhalla. Of the four nominations we won two; Best editing, and the big one: Film of the Year. First off I couldn't be more stoked that it worked out that well for us, and second, as we heard the announcement was right about when I heard Nick say "Let's get naked!! So we did. As we were running up to the stage we ran through the back stage dressing room, and started ripping off clothes. I made the mistake of coming out on the stage with my underwear still on, and was immediately met with a wave of boos, so stepped behind the pedestal and pulled them off. Next came acceptance speeches. The boys are pretty damn good talkers for the most part, so they all said things that made sense, and fit the occasion, and I was happy that they did. I think mine (in part due to being naked in front of thousands of people for the first time and being understandably nervous and being a little drunk... enough excuses, I kinda blew the speech part) was something roughly along the lines of, "uh, well, ya know.." Oops. What I meant to say was "THIS IS AWESOME!!!" or something a little better worded, but basically, you get the idea.

Best film was the end of the night, or at least end of the awards, so we proceeded drink more than you should, dance almost as much as you should, and cheers plenty too. It was a great night, and I couldn't be more proud to have been a part of such a cool project.